Sell & Parker

The Client

Trading since 1966 Sell & Parker Metal Recycling Services is an Australian owned and operated, private company. They are buyers and sellers of all grades and all quantities of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. With over 200 hundred employees, they have yards at Blacktown, Banksmeadow, Ingleburn, Coffs Harbour, Nowra and Newcastle, stretching all the way to Port Hedland in WA and Darwin in the NT.

Sell and Parker’s WHS & Workers Compensation Manager – Jean Sun, first contacted Conserve® back in March 2014 looking for an automated contractor compliance system to provide a framework for the management of their subcontractors across multiple states and territories.

The Challenge

Managing contractor compliance proved to be the challenge for Sell & Parker. With sub-contractors driving heavy vehicles to and from yards in close proximity to workers. Given the nature of the business, the process for induction was very time consuming and unreliable as they relied solely on a face to face process. In addition, the collection, verification and filing of worker and contractor documentation became more complicated as the business grew.

Sell & Parker realised they needed:

  • An easily accessible (from all sites and yards across the country) platform for contractor compliance.
  • A process that not only pre-qualifies contractors to strict standards (Sell & Parker ‘Validation Criteria’) but also ensures ongoing currency of all contractor compliance requirements.
  • A process that complies with the appropriate due diligence provisions for Company Directors in the current WHS legislation.
  • The ability to induct contractors before site arrival ensuring the safety culture, as well as policies and procedures, are being communicated effectively and in a standardized manner.
  • A scalable solution that can easily cater to a growing contractor fleet.

Our Solution

Sell and Parker first implemented Conserve® in April of 2014, in order to address the challenge of managing contractor compliance and inductions. Previously their process was ineffective and time-consuming involving only onsite face to face inductions with the manual collection and filing of the related contractor documents and licenses. An extensive review of the solutions on the market showed that Conserve® was the most affordable, efficient, and user-friendly platform available

Implementing Conserve® has provided Sell & Parker with a structured approach for the management of contractor compliance, as well as the ability to partially induct workers prior to site arrival ensuring that policies, procedures, code of conduct, on-site rules etc were being communicated effectively and consistently across all sites in Australia.

The Outcome

Sell & Parker now induct contractors and collect contractor compliance documents online such as licenses and insurances. Retrieval of contractor and inductee data is able to be accessed via the online system or by using the Conserve® App when out on site for immediate on the spot checking of contractors. With the implementation of a more robust system, Sell & Parker is now confident that their legislative compliance obligations are being met. The online database is fully supporting the organisation’s policies and procedures and provides management with excellent transparency of all data.

Compliance Growth Icon

75% Contractor Compliance across the organisation and progressively heading towards 100% compliance

Effective induction of all contractors

Effective induction of all contractors across multiple sites

Average time for a new contractor

Average time for a new contractor to achieve compliance has been drastically reduced

A consistent approach to contractor

A consistent approach to contractor compliance management across the entire business

Contractor Performance

Better visibility and stronger reporting on contractor performance

Contractor assurance

Assurance that we meet our legislative obligations in relation to our contractors

Conserve has allowed us to optimise our contractor management processes, by providing an always available system that effectively prequalifies our contractors and suppliers and ensures they remain compliant during the period of their engagement.”

Mark Hutchings, Group WHS & Workers’ Compensation Manager – Sell & Parker