In an announcement made by the NSW Government, the 2018 – 19 NSW budget will include $10 million to help the State’s workplace safety regulators reach. This move has helped to add significant investment in SafeWork initiatives to increase work safety and improve the health and safety of workers statewide.

As part of the budget Matt Kean, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, has said funding will include:

  • $10 million as part of a four year $55 million Mentally Healthy Workplaces strategy, in partnership with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority and Insurance and Care NSW, including manager training and recovery at work programs, research to help inform ongoing strategies, a media campaign to raise awareness, and mentoring tools to better support businesses;
  • Expanding the successful Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program that provides rebates, safety equipment, and education, taking the total NSW Government investment in the program to $3.7 million;
  • $315k in rebates for small business to improve worker health and safety; and
  • $200k to fund Roadmap Health and Safety Landscape projects

Conserve see this as a great step forward in helping make a much safer workplace for businesses and workers across NSW.

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