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Local Government

Join the more than 30 councils across Australia that use Conserve’s managed service to prequalify and maintain the compliance of their contractors and suppliers.

In government, engaging contractors and outsourcing parts of your supply chain makes sense. It helps you get work done quickly and on budget. But with this strategy comes risk – to safety, to quality, and to your reputation. Conserve® is more than just an online platform to manage the lifecycle of contractors, while reducing the risks involved in engaging them. Offering a unique outsourced solution, our people support both you, and your contractors to navigate council’s own compliance process, facilitating the achievement of your contractor management objectives.

We Support You

Dedicated Client Services Contact
  • Single Point of Escalation
  • Managed Implementation
  • Criteria Development
  • Induction Management
  • Platform Access
  • Onboarding Contractors
  • Regular Operational Reviews

We Support Contractors

Specialist Support Team
  • Mon – Fri, 8:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Initial Registration
  • Platform Navigation
  • Criteria Clarification
  • Document Validation
  • Induction Access
  • Facilitating Approval

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Cost of Compliance

Find out how much contractor
prequalification and on-going
compliance management costs
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Solution Benefits to Local Government

Pre-qualification & Approval

  • Contractors are prequalified to the individual requirements of the client.
  • These requirements may vary based on the classification of the contractor.
  • Classifications can be based on risk, by project, panel or tender requirement.
  • Documents can be uploaded to the portal by the contractor or the support team.
  • Documents are checked and validated (locked) daily by the support team.
  • Client services do a final check against the relevant criteria before completing the approval.


    • Once approved, contractors receive induction instructions via email.
    • Employees of a contractor are required to upload individual information. They must be approved (licenced/qualified/competent) before they can access the induction.

Ongoing Compliance

  • All documents have an expiry date. Alerts are sent 28 days, 7 days, and finally the day before expiry. Contractors receive these alerts to remind them to upload current documentation prior to expiry. Contractor accounts will be deactivated upon expiration of insurances. New document uploads are validated daily by the support team.
  • The support team carries out email and phone call follow ups daily for insurances and other critical information.
  • An automated reminder is sent out every 7 days (after expiry) until the updated document uploaded.

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Reduce your risk with Conserve

Our Local Government solution ensures your legal and WHS obligations are being met, while providing insight into your contractor and vendor supply chain. Before a contract is even awarded, Conserve can collect, monitor and check the qualifications and insurances of each contractor.