Bureaucracy is a feature of any business. Whatever the industry, there will always be a need to record and administrate large amounts of documentation and data. The processes surrounding the administrating of contractor information can be extremely time-consuming and costly. This data is needed to allow the business to perform its operations efficiently with worker safety as a priority, but it can easily end up getting in the way of this important corporate responsibility. This is true when dealing with traditional paper-based record keeping, however even when the information is contained in a soft copy(e.g. excel spreadsheets, word docs, etc.) on a corporate network, many challenges still present themselves. Moving to an online system has a multitude of advantages, all of which will help save you time and money, making your contractor management operations smoother with less risk.



Contractor’s records often need to be verified by multiple different departments that may be spread across many sites and locations, possibly even across the country. When dealing with local files, fulfilling a request for information (or documentation) from another department is complicated as you can now have multiple files being updated separately and potentially saved in different locations. Even with today’s collaboration technology, keeping track of multiple versions can be challenging

When using an online system, however, requests for documents and files become redundant. Everybody requiring access can log in and view or download the information from wherever they are, at any time, often from any device.


Monitoring and Notifications

Online systems can be set up to proactively monitor all the documentation and data relating to a contractor. Missing or expired qualifications can be easily flagged, making it clear at a glance what is outstanding. Furthermore, both the contractor and the various in-house departments can receive automated proactive notifications of documents (licenses, insurances and qualifications) that are expiring, allowing an action to be taken before any non-compliance issues or delays are caused.


Increased Security and Redundancy

Data stored on corporate IT networks and local PCs can be prone to data breaches and loss unless you spend significant resources putting in place the appropriate security controls and policy. In order to protect a hard-copy document, strong physical security (e.g. locks, keycard access, security personnel, and surveillance) is required and often necessitated by law. If the documents then need to be further protected against loss or damage those costs could be tripled as these documents are duplicated and stored in multiple physical locations. Providing access to all the staff members that may require it can then become a logistical nightmare.

Online contractor systems wrap all these features into a single seamless package. Backed by strong encryption standards to protect data, and multiple backups to provide redundancy in case of hardware failure, online systems provide the safest and most reliable documentation storage and management solutions around. Additionally, access is granted with standard logins (username and password) which makes providing access to multiple people at multiple locations a breeze, leaving an audit trail should you need to know who has accessed what and when.


Document Retrieval

Searching for a specific document that was filed previously, under a past employee’s unique folder structure (on a network share drive) can be a difficult and time-consuming process. In order to maintain an organised system, all staff must be trained in the filing system being used and how to seach when information is needed. Human error will also result in documents occasionally being filed incorrectly.

An online system that invokes automatic filing (via a user-friendly, browser-based GUI) and the simple search functionality offered by most ‘software as a service’ applications these days, negate the need for complex training, eliminate the chance of incorrectly filed documents, and make retrieval as simple and easy as a few clicks.


Faster and Simpler Negotiations

Not all contractors are going to be based in the same location as the business’s main office. Handling the details of a tender response while ensuring all the necessary documentation is in place can cause significant delays, especially if documents need to be changed or updated multiple times through the process.

Online based systems allow instant transmission and collaboration of vital information from insurances to qualifications and licenses, while also tracking any changes.

Transitioning from a more manual system that may have been in place for years may seem like a daunting task, however, online contractor management systems come with many advantages. Far greater efficiency with built-in workflows underpinned by technology, higher accuracy of inputted information and the fact that contractor data is highly available are just a few of the many benefits of making the switch. Conserve’s online contractor management system will help to make your business’s contractor compliance operations smoother, faster, and more efficient.

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