Our People are Contractor Management Experts

Highly knowledgeable individuals who are committed to your success. When it comes to contractor management, they’re the experts focussed on helping you reach your compliance and safety goals.

Brian Govindasamy, Managing Director
Brian Govindasamy

Managing Director

Brian is the Founder and Managing Director of Conserve which he established in 2008. He has more than 20 years experience in providing WHS consulting services to some of Australia’s largest organisations, including Woolworths Group Pty Ltd, Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group, Xstrata plc, Blue Scope Steel, Air New Zealand, Snowy Hydro, Port of Brisbane Corporation and Westpac Banking Corporation.

Aaron Govindasamy, Director
Aaron Govindasamy

Director & General Manager

Bringing 20 years of corporate experience from the information technology industry, working for several globally leading software vendors, Aaron has held a number of senior positions, managing both enterprise accounts as well strategic partner alliances across Australia and New Zealand. Today, Aaron runs the Conserve business and is passionate about using technology to increase the effectiveness of contractor management, while at the same time improving the culture of safety within clients.

Tracey-Lee Hall, Client Services Manager
Tracey-Lee Hall

Client Services Manager

Tracey-Lee has been with Conserve since it was founded in 2008. It is important for her to see clients adopt a culture of safety within their business, ultimately reducing the risk to their workers as well as their own exposure. She has a vast range of experience across Work Health & Safety and Contractor Management, which she combines with a hands-on tactical approach, to assist organisations define, implement and execute a compliance process that demonstrates due diligence. Tracey-Lee heads up client services for Conserve, using her broad industry expertise to guide support the team.

Jigna Shroff, Operations Manager
Jigna Shroff

Operations Manager

Jigna is an innovative professional with over 10 years of Operations & Finance experience. She works closely with clients on a daily basis, understanding their requirements in detail so she can design and implement efficient contractor compliance workflows, integrating key processes and functionality into the development of web-based applications.

Dr Farah Kroman, General Practitioner & Health Consultant
Dr Farah Kroman

General Practitioner & Health Consultant

Farah studied medicine at The University of Sydney and graduated with honours in 2008. She has done extensive work in paediatrics, emergency medicine and general practice. She has also dabbled in media work having had a role as the Cleo Doctor and doing a series of video blogs for S26 in toddler health and nutrition. Farah provides ongoing consulting to Conserve in all matters relating to health and wellbeing.

Alex Stansfield, Contractor Support Specialist
Alex Stansfield

Contractor Support Specialist 

Alex is a seasoned Customer Service Specialist with a strong background in both administrative and customer driven roles since 2005. She joined the Conserve team in September 2016 as a Contractor Support Specialist, working closely with the Client Services team while supporting contractors through the compliance approval process.

Lynn Villa, Contractor Support Specialist
Lynn Villa

Contractor Support Specialist 

Lynn joined the Conserve team in 2014, having held a number of marketing and customer focussed roles. She is an expert in the Conserve platform and prides herself in providing the highest level of customer service to our clients and contractors. Having an in-depth understanding of the key challenges faced by users, Lynn is able to address support issues efficiently, always following cases through to resolution.

Juliette Papadopoulos, Contractor Support Specialist
Juliette Papadopoulos

Contractor Support Specialist

Juliette is a highly experienced Customer Service Officer with an extensive background in administration, health and customer service since 1999.  Juliette joined the Conserve in September and has added tremendous value to the team. As a Contractor Support Specialist, she is passionate about creating a positive contractor experience when fulfilling their compliance requirements.

Juliette Papadopoulos, Contractor Support Specialist
Kylee Jenkin

Contractor Support Specialist

Kylee brings great positivity and energy to the team. She has an extensive background in administration, customer service and contractor management. She has a passion for providing great customer service, and believes that every interaction with a contractor is a chance to leave a lasting, positive experience.