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Why use Conserve?

Conserve is the most affordable and efficient contractor management application available in Australia today. When using Conserve, your business gets more than just an online platform for managing contractors. Encompassing the entire platform is a managed service that allows you to easily implement the contractor due diligence, pre-qualification and compliance management system to complement and extend your existing processes.

Can additional contractors be added to our list of ‘Approved’ contractors?

Yes, you can request that another registered contractor is assigned to you. In most cases, this is as simple as the contractor providing acceptance to share the information with you.

What is a ‘Broadcast’ email?

The Conserve platform allows clients to send an email to any of their contractors at any time. It is easy to apply the relevant filters to identify a particular group or type of contractor. The platform brings up a new email, pre-populating the address field with the main contacts of the contractors selected. A history of all broadcast messages are maintained within the Conserve platform for your record as well as the ability to resend at a later date.

How are incidents managed in Conserve?

All incidents occurring onsite can be logged in by clients or contractors based on the incident severity level (ISL) categories. A report can then be generated, saved and automatically emailed. A history of incidents along with the report is maintained under this for each contractor within the Conserve platform.

Who can access Conserve?

You can decide which users within your organisation may have access to the platform. There is no limit on the number of users however, there are two user account types (‘Power’ and ‘Standard’) which can be specified when creating a user account.

What is the difference between a ‘Power’ and ‘Standard’ user?

Power User – Can view and edit information within the platform. They also have the ability to upgrade a ‘Standard’ user to a ‘Power’ user.

Standard User – Can only view information within the platform.

What happens if I forget my login details?

You can retrieve your login credentials by simply clicking the ‘Forgot Login’ link on the ‘Login Page’ and follow the on-screen instructions. If you continue to experience difficulties accessing the platform you can contact support for further assistance.

Does Conserve require any special software?

No. Conserve is an online platform accessed via a web browser from a PC or mobile device. There is no requirement to download or install any additional software.

How do we know if a contractor is already ‘approved’ with Conserve?

You can easily search all contractors approved in Conserve using the advanced search function of the platform. If a contractor is not assigned to you, you will only be able to view that contractor’s contact details.

Who can access contractor information?

Conserve Clients can only access the information and documentation of contractors who have been assigned to them. Contractors who are not assigned must provide acceptance to share their information, as well as meeting the client’s additional criteria (if any).

Can a contractor be unassigned?

Yes. If you require a contractor to be unassigned, simply send an email to your Client Services Manager who will action this on your behalf.

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I have been asked by another Conserve Client to conduct work for them. How do I get added to their list of ‘approved’ contractors in Conserve?

Please contact Support and advise them that you have been asked to complete work for another Conserve client. You will be asked to first provide evidence of this request from the new client. You will also need to meet the new client’s compliance criteria.  If you do not meet the new client’s criteria, you will be notified of what is outstanding.

Can all clients registered with Conserve see and access my information?

No, only the clients which your business has been assigned to (with your permission), will have access to view your company details and documentation. Other Conserve clients can see limited information (generally publicly available) such as company name and contact information. This feature serves as a marketing opportunity for you, as clients are often looking to engage contractors that have already been pre-qualified in Conserve.

Why do we have to pay for this system and what do I get for my fee?

Conserve is the most affordable and efficient contractor compliance platform in Australia today. Although we would love to provide the service at no charge, the reality is that the development and maintenance of the software platform, online storage of documentation and provision of the Support team incur a real cost that must be met.

When registered and approved in Conserve you will be able to;

  1. Easily manage insurances, trade licenses, qualifications and other relevant safety and governance documentation via the online platform.
  2. Access to a central repository for storing documentation, while receiving automated alerts for expiry.
  3. Easily demonstrate your WHS capabilities to current and prospective clients
  4. Use of a ‘WHS Self Audit’ tool, allowing you to assess your WHS management system for compliance with AS/NZS 4801 or ISO 45001.
What notification will I receive if my critical information is due to expire?

You will receive email alerts four weeks, one week and the day before expiry, to ensure all documentation in the system is maintained and kept current.

Why is a certificate of currency required to be uploaded for insurances and not a certificate of insurance?

A Certificate of Currency (CoC) will usually provide an overview of your insurance cover such as the policy number, insurer, coverage amount, coverage period and is issued by the insurer (or a broker on behalf of the insurer on the insurer’s letterhead) after the insurance coverage is accepted and the premium is paid/or is ongoing. Unfortunately, a Certificate of insurance though provided on renewal is usually issued by the broker and is not acceptable to the clients.

Note: Renewal invitations or quotations with an outstanding invoice will not be accepted as the Policy Schedule unless a current CoC is attached to it confirming that the cover is in place.

What happens if I forget my login details?

You can retrieve your login credentials by simply clicking the ‘Forgot Login’ link on the ‘Login Page’ and follow the on-screen instructions. If you continue to experience difficulties accessing the platform you can contact  Support for further assistance.

I haven’t received my username and password

Conserve sends an auto-generated email with your user credentials upon a successful registration. Please make sure to check your ‘Junk’ folder for this email. If you did not receive your user credentials via email, please contact the Support for assistance.

What is a ‘registered’ contractor?

This is a contractor who has initiated the first step of the ‘approval’ process by completing the online registration for their business within Conserve. This involves providing some basic information such business name; ABN; address; contact details etc. It does not mean that the contractor has completed the approval process.

What does ‘assignment’ mean?

An ‘approved’ contractor maybe assigned to client(s) provided that client’s unique criteria is met. On assignment, the contractor will be included in that client’s ‘approved’ contractor list.

What is a ‘deactivated’ Contractor?

A ‘deactivated’ contractor is an approved contractor who has been temporarily deactivated in Conserve, due to the expiry of critical information. Reactivation will occur when the information in Conserve has been updated.

How do I pay my subscription fee?

Payment may be made online via the Conserve platform with a credit card. This is the preferred method of payment, however, you may contact Support for other options. You will receive renewal invoice 28 days prior to expiry of your subscription licence.

Does Conserve require any special software?

No. Conserve is an online platform accessed via a web browser from a PC or mobile device. There is no requirement to download or install any additional software.

Do I need to pay the subscription fee again if I am assigned to another client?

No, you pay the subscription licence fee for a term and may be assigned to an unlimited number of clients (with their approval) during that term.

What information do I need to upload into Conserve®?

Each client in Conserve may have a unique set of agreed criteria which you must meet. On registration in Conserve you will receive an email outlining the information required for you to demonstrate compliance, and attain an ‘approved’ status.

How will I be notified if my Insurance documents are due to expire?

You shall be notified via email 28 days before expiry. If no action is taken you shall receive another notification 7 days before expiry and then finally the day prior. The day after your insurance document has expired, an email notification from Conserve, will be sent to both you as the contractor, and your client(s), at which time your account will be temporarily deactivated. You will then receive an email alert every 7 days until the insurance document is updated in Conserve.

Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding Conserve?

Our friendly Support Team is available by phone Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm to help you with any questions or issues you may have with the Conserve platform. Alternatively, you can complete the online support form and one of our staff will contact you.

How do I delete an employee from my dashboard?

Editing (including deletion) of information in Conserve is only permitted prior to your account is approved and assigned. After an account has been approved, only Conserve administrators are able to edit or delete your information. It is recommended that you contact Support if you require any information to be edited.

What does ‘approval’ mean?

Once all required information (as specified by the client(s)) has been entered and (or) uploaded into Conserve, the Support will review and verify that all required criteria have been met. The contractor is then formally ‘approved’ in Conserve and assigned to that for that client.

What are the file types & sizes accepted by Conserve when uploading files?

The preferred file type is PDF and maximum file size is 2MB.

Where can we upload employee documents?

When logged into Conserve, go the ‘Employee’ sections. This is where all the employee related information and documentation is located. Please refer to Conserve – Contractor User Guide for detailed instructions. This guide can be found under the ‘Resources’ section when logged in.

How do I renew my subscription license with Conserve?

You will receive an email alert to your nominated email address 28 days prior to your renewal date.

To renew your license simply:

Step 1: Log in to your Conserve account.

Step 1a: If your subscription has already lapsed, Conserve will immediately divert you to the payment page.

Step 1b: If your subscription is still active (nearing expiry), you can still renew ahead of time. You simply select the ‘Invoices’ under the ‘Company Info’ section and click on the ‘Pay Invoice’ to make an online secure payment.

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